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Care at Home Program (Katie Beckett Medicaid Wavier Program)

In the early 1980's ,Katie Beckett was a young girl on a ventilator,living in a hospital. She was unable to go home,not because of medical reasons,but because she would no longer be eligible for Medicaid if she was cared for at home.

Medicaid rules allowed for the continued payment of the costs incurred during hospitalization but would not pay for the costs of caring for Katie in her home, even though the costs for home are were far below the hospitalization costs. 

Eventually,with the assistance of the local ,state and federal representatives within the district the Katie's parents lived in, the Katie Beckett Medicaid Waiver Program was created. The program allowed for families with income to high to qualify for Medicaid to receive Medicaid assistance for their medically fragile and/or special needs child.In New York state it was renamed the CARE AT HOME MEDICAID WAVIER PROGRAM.

The one service mandated by the CARE AT HOME PROGRAM is that of Case Management. Ad that is what we at Compass Case Management are all about.Helping families of special needs children get accepted to the program,and have the services the children need placed in the home. Via a monthly visit by our Case Manager we will ensure your child is always getting the best car possible.